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Weekly Sabbath School Lessons, from the quarterly Sabbath School Lesson guide Teacher's pamphlet in PDF format, are presented early each Sabbath Saturday morning including a data presentation of slides. There are usually some Hymns or religious musical items prior to the lesson and the weekly entries on this web page have been arranged so you will have a link to all the resources from one location to assist you with studying the lessons.


There are over 15 years of previous Sabbath School Lessons commencing from 2006 which can be accessed from this web page. The audio from the Hymns has been extracted and collated into an Adventist Hymnal web page. Previous years weekly lessons, and Hymns (in chronological and alphabetical order) can be accessed from the grey Menu bar which remains stationary at the top of the web page.


Weekly Lesson video and audio broadcasts: These are generally recorded two weeks or more before the actual Sabbath date of broadcast and presentation to allow time for the content to be edited and the CC="Closed Caption" sub-titles to be added. Consequently, any divine service Sermon content (on the right hand column of this webpage) presented on the actual Sabbath date indicated in the grey left hand column may include, at the start, a weekly lesson intended for two weeks prior to the sermon. This is why the dates of such content do not appear to match the actual Sabbath date as expected.

Prior to the middle of 2014 (Quarter 3) the content was sourced from the CSH - "Central Study Hour" lesson from Sacramento Central SDA Church (SacCentral) in California which they broadcast for TV and Internet viewing. (Single weekly entries)


From 2014 Quarter 3 onwards due to the growth of SacCentral church a second church was created which ended up becoming the Granite Bay SDA Church Sacramento.
The yearly web pages were amended to include both broadcasts as dual weekly entries. This additional Granite Bay broadcast content was placed at the top each week and was sourced;
- prior to 2022 Q3 L01 from the Amazing Facts SSSH - " Sabbath School Study Hour"
- from 2022 Q3 L01 onwards from YouTube SSSH - "Sabbath School Study Hour"


The layout of the weekly entries contains the following.

The entry at the top is from SSSH and the entry below is CSH, with a horizontal line between each weeks entries. Hovering the mouse pointer over each of the items contained within that weekly area will display a pop up tool-tip indicating what content will be displayed.


There are 52 weekly lessons divided into four(4) quarterly lesson pamphlets generally containing 13 lessons. Each Quarterly division is indicated on the web page with a large grey bar which includes the title of the series of lessons for that quarter. Hovering the mouse pointer over the text will display the cover for that quarter's pamphlet. Clicking on the image will display a larger version. Clicking on the text will display the contents page of that quarter's pamphlet indicating the lessons enclosed.


Clicking on each week's Sabbath's/Saturday's date, on the sssh entry will display that lessons graphic page. Clicking on this image will also display a larger version.


Using the grey Menu bar


Sermon Library on the right hand side highlighted in cyan blue drops down to display a list of sermons from Granite Bay church, SacCentral church and Amazing Facts. Some series sermons also contain a link to the relevant Sabbath School quarterly lessons that are pertinent to that series.


Home - will take you to the very top of the current years Lesson web page which commences with introductory information and some non-sabbath school lesson links


Home > Sabbath School Lessons - will jump down the web page, past the introductory information and links to the section titled 20YY - Weekly Sabbath School Lessons - (Jeremiah 29:13, Acts 17:27, 2 Timothy 2:15)


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Home > SSLesson Guides for this year - will jump down towards the end of the web page to the section Adult Sabbath School Lesson Guides - Teacher's Edition which contains all the .pdf lessons for each weeks quarterly lesson pamphlets for this year.